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Jiuzhaigou Valley in China, Sichuan

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Introduction :
The Jiuzhaigou Valley is situated in China, Sichuan province and is part of the
Minshan Mountains on the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau with an altitude of 2000-4000 meters. It has been described by the Chinese as the “heavenly place of earth” and has been inscribed as a World Heritage Site and World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO as well as being rated a 5 star tourist attraction spot by the government due to its breath taking scenery and fairytale landscape with all the elements necessary to protect its own natural beauty.

Jiuzhaigou during winterJiuzhaigou during the winter season

History :
Jiuzhaigou (Valley of the 9 tribes) takes it name from the 9 Tibetan villages inhabiting along the valley and was unknown to the world until 1979 where extensive logging was taking place around the area, the workers discovered this beautiful place and felt it would be a waste to destroy this wonderful place and hence reported the finding of the site to the government to have it preserved. The government went on to ban such activities around the area and make it into a national park in 1982 before it was officially opened to tourism in 1984

five color lake in JiuzhaigouThe beautiful waters in the Five Color Lake in Jiuzhaigou

Getting there :
The nearest airport to Jiuzhaigou is the Jiuzhai Huanglong airport which is 88km away from the main attraction.
The nearest international airport is the Chengdu Shuangliu airport which is 240km of flight away from the Jiuzhai Huanglong airport.

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