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Toledo Historic City in Spain, Castile La Mancha

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Introduction :
Toledo is a historic city located in the Castile La Mancha region of Spain and is also the capital in the province of Toledo. The historic city is one of the capitals during the Spanish Empire era and is famous for its vast collections of cultural and monumental heritages representing the co existence of Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures. The historic city measures 232 square km and was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986

Toledo, Spain Skyline
Toledo, Spain old town skyline.

Aerial view of the historic city

Main entrance gate to the city

Alcazar built at the highest point of the city

Some attractions :
Toledo Cathedral – Gothic style Cathedral built in the 13th century with white limstone from the quarries near Toledo

Alcazar – A stone fortress built on the highest point in the city

Puente de Alcantara – Roman arch bridge built across the Tagus River

Puerta de Bisagra Nueva – Most well known city gate in Toledo built in 1559 and of Moorish origin.

Puerta del Sol – One of the city gates of Toledo built by the Knights Hospitaller towards the late 14th century

History :
The Toledo region were populated as early as the bronze age and became an important commercial and administrative city during the Roman empire days. After the end of the Roman Empire, Toledo became the capital city of the Visigothic Kingdom in spain and remained the capital city of Spain till the 8th century. Toledo became a major cultural center under Alfonso X and the Toledo School of Translators bring vast amount of knowledge into Europe.

Getting there :
The nearest international airport to Toledo is the Madrid–Barajas Airport which is 92 km away from the historic city.

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